Food Diary: What Do I Eat in a Week on Slimming World?

When I lost 7 and a half stone on Slimming World, people always asked what I ate. I’ve always believed that a sustainable food lifestyle needs to consist of a lot of food (seriously, who wants to feel hungry?) and you should never, ever feel deprived. Want to see what a typical week on-plan looks like? I’ll update it at the end of the week and let you know what the scales say…

Disclaimer: I’m not one for measuring… who’s got time for that?! I have a cup with a marker on it that I use for oats, I pour milk into a jug at the start of the day and use it as and when, and I never have so much cheese that it will be more than my allowance. Any free or speed foods aren’t measured; I just eyeball them. As for calculating syns, I tend to look up and measure items the first time I use them, but following that, I estimate, and round up. I always aim to be well under my 15 syns to account for any variation. If I’m not losing any weight, this is the first area I look at. This makes it all quick and easy; something I think is essential for staying on-track, especially if you’ve got your hands full.

Day 1

HEAs: 350g Skimmed milk and teeny amount of low-fat mozzarella

HEB: 40g oats

Breakfast: Blueberry and coconut non-overnight oats (40g oats, 50g Muller Greek-style fat free coconut yoghurt, sprinkle of stevia, dash of vanilla extract, skimmed milk from allowance, sprinkle of chia seeds, pinch of desiccated coconut, topped with a sprinkle of goji berries and toasted coconut).

Snacks: apple, tub of watermelon

Lunch: Big portion of tomato pasta bake (pasta, tinned tomatoes, basil, sprinkle of Splenda and salt, teeny amount of low-fat mozzarella) with baby spinach, carrot sticks and salad pepper.

Dinner: Chicken stir-fry (chicken thighs – skin removed and fat trimmed, dried egg noodles, bag of stir-fry veggies… reduced so they’ll be more tasty, bag of beansprouts, soy sauce and a tablespoon of honey). This was almost syn-free… the honey would be 2.5, but it made 5 portions, so that’s not much to worry about.

Day 2

HEAs: Skimmed milk and a little unsweetened soya milk, plus teeny bit of low-fat mozzarella – way under allowance in both cases.

HEB: 40g of oats

Breakfast: Raspberry and coconut non-overnight oats (oats, a splash of unsweetened soya milk, fat free Greek yoghurt, stevia, sprinkle of chia seeds, loads of raspberries, a sprinkle of berry granola, a sprinkle of toasted coconut and a drizzle of Sweet Freedom vanilla syrup). This looked like something from a horror film when it was all mushed up but my god, it was GOOD.

Snacks: Kids tub of carrot and cucumber sticks

Lunch: On-the-go day, and stuck in motorway traffic, so this ended up being a banana and a tub of melon from the services.

Dinner: Leftover pasta bake with a huge heap of baby spinach, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes

Day 3

HEAs: Skimmed milk and the very smallest nibble of Gouda cheese

HEB: oats… again

Breakfast: Raspberry, coconut and cacao non-overnight oats; my standard recipe, just with a small sprinkle of cacao nibs and goji berries

Snacks: tub of watermelon

Lunch: Leftover chicken stir-fry, from Day 1, because I’m so classy

Dinner: Jacket potato with 1 level tsp of low-fat spread, salmon fried in Fry-Light, lemon juice and a teeny drizzle of honey, huge pile of spinach, carrot and tomato. I really need to go shopping for more salad *sigh*

Decadent snack alert! Heap of strawberries, strawberry mousse (sugar-free strawberry jelly, fat free Greek yoghurt), quark sweetened with Splenda with a splash of vanilla, a little crumbled meringue and a drizzle of Sweet Freedom vanilla syrup.

Day 4

HEAs: Skimmed milk, 30g of Gouda

HEB: oats… again

Breakfast: Oat waffles (oats, egg, stevia, plain no-fat Greek yoghurt, baking powder, vanilla and almond extract) with quark sweetened with Splenda and a splash of vanilla, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and a drizzle of Sweet Freedom caramel syrup. It was AMAZING.

Lunch: Three egg ham and cheese omelette, cooked with Fry-Light, with a heap of spinach, carrot, cherry tomatoes and yellow pepper

Dinner: Chicken, pepper and sweetcorn risotto (skinless, trimmed chicken thighs, arborio rice, teeny squirt of garlic purée, chicken stock, courgette, onion, red and yellow peppers, tin of sweetcorn – recipe here)

Snacks: More strawberry-mousse-quark yummyness

Day 5

HEAs: Skimmed milk, unsweetened soya milk (way under allocation in both cases)


Breakfast: Overnight oats with blueberries, coconut and kiwi (oats, unsweetened soya milk, fat free Greek-style yoghurt, stevia, vanilla, a small sprinkle of chia seeds, kiwi, blueberries, pinch of unsweetened desiccated coconut, toasted coconut, sprinkle of granola, a few goji berries, a few pieces of dried pineapple). This was delicious. Had to double check the yoghurt was fat free because it was so creamy!

Lunch: Leftover chicken, pepper and sweetcorn risotto

Dinner: Salmon with courgette and pasta (salmon cooked with a little lemon juice, spaghetti, courgette spaghetti, quark and 1 egg for sauce)

Snacks: strawberry mousse (made from sugar free jelly and fat free Greek-style yoghurt)

Day 6

HEAs: Skimmed milk, unsweetened soya milk (way under allocation in both cases)

HEB: More oats…

Breakfast: Apple and cinnamon non-overnight oats (oats, unsweetened soya milk, fat free Greek-style yoghurt, stevia, grated apple, sprinkle of chia seeds, few pieces of dried dates, a very small handful of raisins, cinnamon and a sprinkle of apple granola). This was SO good.

Lunch: Leftover salmon and courgette pasta

Snacks: Banana

Dinner: Lamb, trimmed, cooked in Fry-Light, with couscous mixed with courgette, pepper and cherry tomatoes, dressed with fat free Greek-style yoghurt and mint

Day 7

HEAs: Skimmed milk, unsweetened soya milk, teeny bit of reduced fat mozzarella – way under allocation in all cases


Breakfast: On-the-go breakfast today, eaten at my desk. This was Kilner jar overnight oats (oats, unsweetened soya milk, stevia, fat free Greek-style yoghurt, a sprinkle of chia seeds, vanilla) topped with loads of blueberries and raspberries, a sprinkle of berry granola, toasted coconut flakes and a few goji berries.

Snacks: Apple

Lunch: Leftover lamb with vegetable couscous… exactly the same as last night, but portable. Can you spot the trend yet? Who says healthy eating has to be time-intensive?

Dinner: Huge speedy-Bolognese batch cook (lots of carrots, celery, onion, tinned tomatoes, with 5% beef mince, beef stock cubes, tomato puree and seasoning) with pasta and a teeny sprinkle of low-fat cheddar.

Weigh-in Results

Almost half a stone gone after all of that food! I’ve not felt deprived, I’ve eaten so much food, it’s been healthy and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making it. Okay… I did not enjoy doing a huge batch cook after a long day today, but it was delicious!

A final note on syns: I plan at the start of the day where my syns are going to be; I know that they’ll be mainly in the form of seeds, granola or a little dried fruit in my breakfast, or in the odd squirt of honey as an ingredient. If anything is going to be out of the ordinary, I’d look up the syn value, and measure out ingredients or toppings. As I said at the start of the week; for weight-loss to be sustainable, you have to enjoy the plan and find it easy.

Leave a comment below if you want the recipe to anything I’ve made this week. Keep an eye on Instagram to see how next week goes!

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