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Food Planning Tips – Back to Slimming World!

It feels like forever ago now, but I lost 7 and a half stone in a year on Slimming World. I loved it, I felt great. I was the biggest advocate for Slimming World, and I still am. Two busy, stressful and not entirely fun years later, I’ve put on weight. Slimming World is not a diet, it’s a way of life, and quite simply, for the last two years, …


Hello Again, Slimming World! What’s New?

It’s time. Time to get back on track and stop faffing. I lost 7 and a half stone 18 months ago when I went to Slimming World, and I loved it. My group leader always used to say that “life gets in the way” and we’re always going to have blips on our journey… and well, it did. I bit the bullet and went back to a Slimming World group; …


Food Diary: What Do I Eat in a Week on Slimming World?

When I lost 7 and a half stone on Slimming World, people always asked what I ate. I’ve always believed that a sustainable food lifestyle needs to consist of a lot of food (seriously, who wants to feel hungry?) and you should never, ever feel deprived. Want to see what a typical week on-plan looks like? I’ll update it at the end of the week and let you know what …


Apple and Cinnamon (Non) Overnight Oats

After many sad and failed attempts at overnight oats, the penny finally dropped. Since then, I’m an overnight oats addict. I make a batch of them to last me through the week; they’re the perfect desk-breakfast. However… when I’m not prepared, I use my lazy non-overnight version. Want to make some too? Perfect for those mornings when you’ve not quite got your a*se in gear but still want something fancy. …

Taking a minute to do some #SlimmingWorld meal planning
Food Productivity

Free A5 printable: Slimming World Daily Planner

You may have read my previous post where I was preaching about the importance of meal planning if you’re trying to lose weight. I think being organised is key; life’s going to throw obstacles in your way, you might as well have a nicely stocked fridge to help you deal with it. If like me, you’re following the Slimming World plan, you’ll understand the need to keep track of your …

Food Happiness

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Gaining Weight

My weight loss journey has been pretty uneventful; I’ve lost about 2lb per week on average, and I’ve had a couple of weeks where I’ve maintained my weight, and a couple of blips that have been totally predictable. I’ve enjoyed plotting my weight on the Slimming World app each week and basked in the pat on the backs it’s given me each week as I’ve entered my losses. This week …


Can You Lose Weight While on Holiday… and Should You?

I’m a firm believer that will-power is a developed trait; I’ve not always had it, in fact I’ve often used my astonishing lack of it as a reason why no diet would work for me. However, I’ve found losing weight to be remarkably easy this time; one reason obviously being my fantastic Slimming World consultant and weekly group, but the other being my new-found willpower. I’ve found it easy to …


Losing Weight: To Group, or Not to Group?

Yes, that’s the question. The answer is largely down to personal choice, but since this is something that’s particularly close to my heart, I thought I’d weigh-in on the topic. No pun intended. Oops. I’ve lost 7 stone 5lbs now; 103lbs or even 47kg if that’s easier to imagine. This has been a thoroughly life-changing loss, and I owe this all to Slimming World. My BMI’s gone from a massively …