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A Mindful Read

Have you read the ‘Sane New World’ and ‘Frazzled’ books by Ruby Wax? She talks about mindfulness in such a practical way. It started my whole journey down this route. She included this poem by Portia Nelson in ‘Sane New World’. I heard her read this in her audiobook as I was just arriving at work one sunny morning and it struck a chord with me. Autobiography in Five Short …


Mindfulness Moment: Embrace Your Commute

I genuinely look forward to my drive to work. The more traffic, the better. I like to arrive feeling calm and relaxed before the chaos hits me. I’m a big believer in your mood affecting the way people respond to you, so I know that if I arrive at work feeling calm, happy and creative, I’m off to a good start. I’m aware that I’m a little odd in this …