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DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Earring Organiser

I have a shameful number of earrings. I wanted to use them (or a rotating selection of them) as a display rather than keep them in a box. I looked for earring organisers online, and none seemed to fit well with my dressing room decor. Never one to be beaten with either crafting or organising, I headed to my local DIY and hardware store and came away with lots of …


Free Printable: Brain Dump Planner

Do you ever get those days where stuff keeps getting thrown at you? Maybe you’re trying to juggle too many things at once and there’s just too much stuff to keep track of. Maybe it’s just an average day but with all of the bits and pieces floating around in your head, you find yourself forgetting stuff. Maybe you’re about to plan something exciting and you don’t know where to …

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In a Slump? It’s Just the Broken Window Effect

It’s been your typical bank holiday in the UK. A bonus day off, a little light daytime drinking, and a whole lot of relaxing. It also means an additional day of my child and husband creating chaos, and me, quite frankly, not being all that bothered to do anything useful. I have piles of laundry that have come out of nowhere, dried-on toothpaste on the sinks, clumps of cat-floof on …