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Food Diary: What Do I Eat in a Week on Slimming World?

When I lost 7 and a half stone on Slimming World, people always asked what I ate. I’ve always believed that a sustainable food lifestyle needs to consist of a lot of food (seriously, who wants to feel hungry?) and you should never, ever feel deprived. Want to see what a typical week on-plan looks like? I’ll update it at the end of the week and let you know what …


Apple and Cinnamon (Non) Overnight Oats

After many sad and failed attempts at overnight oats, the penny finally dropped. Since then, I’m an overnight oats addict. I make a batch of them to last me through the week; they’re the perfect desk-breakfast. However… when I’m not prepared, I use my lazy non-overnight version. Want to make some too? Perfect for those mornings when you’ve not quite got your a*se in gear but still want something fancy. …