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Hello Again, Slimming World! What’s New?

It’s time. Time to get back on track and stop faffing. I lost 7 and a half stone 18 months ago when I went to Slimming World, and I loved it. My group leader always used to say that “life gets in the way” and we’re always going to have blips on our journey… and well, it did. I bit the bullet and went back to a Slimming World group; …


Losing Weight: To Group, or Not to Group?

Yes, that’s the question. The answer is largely down to personal choice, but since this is something that’s particularly close to my heart, I thought I’d weigh-in on the topic. No pun intended. Oops. I’ve lost 7 stone 5lbs now; 103lbs or even 47kg if that’s easier to imagine. This has been a thoroughly life-changing loss, and I owe this all to Slimming World. My BMI’s gone from a massively …