Slimming World Lunch: Weekend Hash

completed hash

This has become a bit of a weekend tradition in our house, and as an added bonus, once the chopping is done, it’s just a ‘stick in the Actifry and walk off’ meal. It’s filling and perfect Slimming World food – the only syns in there are for the Heck sausage I use, which are 3.5 syns each. You can swap these for a lower-syn variety, or just use more of the bacon medallions instead to make it a free meal.

I start off by throwing in some diced butternut squash (frozen, pre-chopped – it is the weekend, after all!) and turn on the Actifry for five minutes or so until it’s defrosted. I don’t bother with any Fry-Light until this bit is done, but after that I tend to spray everything liberally every 10 minutes or so.

Nicely defrosted after 5 minutes in the Actifry

After this, I chop up a large potato, just to make it a little more filling. Potatoes are free food, so why not? The potatoes and the butternut squash take the longest to cook, so I tend to give these 10 minutes on their own before I start adding the rest of the ingredients.

Already looking like a lot of food!

While this is cooking, I chop up a red onion, a courgette and a red pepper. I then add the mix to the Actifry, and snip up two Heck 97% sausages and a few bacon medallions. I give everything another good coating of Fry-Light and a decent sprinkle of salt, turn the Actifry back on again and my work is done!

So much food!

When it’s all looking nicely cooked, or when I can’t wait any longer, I heap it on a plate with two fried eggs… fried in Fry-Light, of course! Now if someone could just tell me how to time this so it’s all done at the same time, I’d be very grateful! This is a delicious meal, crammed with speed food and really filling… you’re welcome!

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