Slimming World Dinner: Paprika Chicken with Rice and Vegetables

paprika chicken 1

This is a deceptively easy dinner and made me happy before I even started eating it – that’s a good start! Just look at all of those pretty colours! This recipe is packed with delicious fresh speed foods. Normally this would be a variety of vegetables that are lying in the bottom of the fridge, but today’s variety consisted of a courgette, a yellow pepper, a decent handful of cherry tomatoes, a red onion and some fine beans – all finely chopped.

Cook a whole pack of diced skinless and boneless chicken in some fry light in a deep frying pan, just enough to make it look less raw! Following this, I add the bowl of chopped happiness vegetables and placed the lid on the mixture to simmer for a bit.

Once the vegetables have softened, stir in two cups of long grain rice, a large jug of vegetable stock, a generous squeeze of garlic puree and tomato puree, a good pinch of salt and a decent sprinkling of paprika. Time for the lid to go back on and the heat do go right down while the rice absorbs all of those delicious juices.

paprika chicken 3
Rice, vegetable stock, garlic and tomato puree are added, with paprika and salt

From here, this is an easy cook and one that will end up largely down to your personal taste. Every ten minutes or so, just have a little taste and add more salt, paprika, garlic or tomato depending on how you like it. You’ll need to keep adding more vegetable stock until the rice is soft. Hold your nerve – this takes a while and soaks up a lot of liquid!

paprika chicken 4
Your dinner is served!

This made a very filling dinner, and made enough for four adults. Totally on-plan and super healthy. Depending on the amount of garlic puree you use, this would be approximately 1 syn per serving.

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