Free Printable: Daily Self-Care Planner

It’s far too easy to lose sight of what you need. Rather unhelpfully, the busier we get, the less time we take to look after ourselves… and this is when we most need it. It’s very easy to say that you need to take time to incorporate self-care into your routine, but what happens when you just get too busy? One of the answers is to just stop. Stop and …

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Free Printable: Up Your Meal Planning Game

It’s no secret that I’m a planner. I LOVE planning. I LOVE my planner. I obsess over it and fantasise over whether to plan digitally, on paper, with washi tape, MildLiners, or just spend hours on Pinterest coveting the creations of others. Please bear in that in mind when I say sometimes I don’t have time to plan. Add to this my love of meal planning and finding new recipes …


The Dunning-Kruger Effect… Or Why is my Boss an Idiot?

Darwin said “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”. If you’ve ever missed out on a promotion or job because of inflated claims on a CV, this is probably painfully familiar. If you know someone who on the outside is very successful, maybe talks a good game but is based on little actual substance, again this is probably familiar. If you’ve experienced work stress because of management decisions that …

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Finding Your Happy Weight

I’ve got a somewhat complex relationship with weight and happiness, much the same as many others. From coming from a plump-but-average pre-teen, to a slightly overweight teenager, to a distinctly chubby 20-something, my weight journey was about to take a dramatic turn. After my first experimenting with the Atkins diet, I realised that I could lose weight if I deprived myself of carbs and drastically changed my lifestyle. This lifestyle, …


Turning 40 in the Best Way Possible

I’ve never been bothered about growing older. Admittedly, I’m into my clothes, accessories and makeup, but despite that, I’ve always believed that my worth was based on much more than my appearance. Growing older, working hard and being a mother inevitably takes its toll on the way you look, and as a result, I find myself accepting the dark circles and various effects of gravity. Having said that, I’ve spent …

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Read with me: Outer Order, Inner Calm – Gretchen Rubin

I’m not going to lie; already like this book, and I’ve not even read it yet. I was sold on the premise alone; I’ve always said that my environment is a huge indication of my mental state. There’s nothing like having a calm and ordered environment at the start of a busy day to make me feel like I’m on top of things. Conversely, as soon as the mess and …

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Free A5 printable: Slimming World Daily Planner

Taking a minute to do some #SlimmingWorld meal planning

You may have read my previous post where I was preaching about the importance of meal planning if you’re trying to lose weight. I think being organised is key; life’s going to throw obstacles in your way, you might as well have a nicely stocked fridge to help you deal with it. If like me, you’re following the Slimming World plan, you’ll understand the need to keep track of your …


Slimming World Lunch: Weekend Hash

completed hash

This has become a bit of a weekend tradition in our house, and as an added bonus, once the chopping is done, it’s just a ‘stick in the Actifry and walk off’ meal. It’s filling and perfect Slimming World food – the only syns in there are for the Heck sausage I use, which are 3.5 syns each. You can swap these for a lower-syn variety, or just use more …


Slimming World Dinner: Paprika Chicken with Rice and Vegetables

paprika chicken 1

This is a deceptively easy dinner and made me happy before I even started eating it – that’s a good start! Just look at all of those pretty colours! This recipe is packed with delicious fresh speed foods. Normally this would be a variety of vegetables that are lying in the bottom of the fridge, but today’s variety consisted of a courgette, a yellow pepper, a decent handful of cherry tomatoes, …

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Zen and the Art of Meal Planning for Weight Loss

#CarpeDiem A5 planner

This week I’ve got to get serious – I’m trying to shed some holiday weight and I need to go back to basics to help me get back on track. It’s really easy to get complacent when you’ve lost a lot of weight and lose sight of the end-point of your weight loss journey. Meal planning is the most important habit to get into when you need to make a …