Is it time to refresh your planner for autumn?

Who’s ready for a fresh start? A change of season always gets me thinking and makes me want draw a line under everything and start over. There’s nothing like the evenings getting darker and lighting that first fire of the season to make me want to snuggle up with a good book and relax.

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is when we let things go.

A new season is also a brilliant excuse to change up your planner, and have a think about what you want to get from it as we head into the autumn. Maybe there are big changes in your life and routine – can your planner help with that? Has life picked up again after the summer? Do you need to start focusing on something different? How do you want to end your 2020? I’ve been thinking obsessing about this lately after finally leaving my teaching career behind. Setting up a new planner is such a good way to cement all those good intentions and put plans to paper in a fresh, new kinda way.

Is your planner working for you?

I love a routine; there’s something reassuring about doing things the same every day, but a new planner is a brilliant time to question whether your planning routine is actually helping you. Have you taken time recently to think about what you want to get from it? It’s so easy to see a picture of a perfect planner spread on Instagram and want to recreate your own, but actually… what suits you? I love seeing daily schedule inserts looking beautifully annotated and highlighted, but when I try them out for myself, they get left blank; they’re just not me.

One telltale sign that your planner isn’t working for you is that there are big blank chunks, pages or sections. Pay close attention to these: they tell you what to tweak. Blank chunks on your page? Change the insert a little. Blank pages? Maybe you don’t need to plan as often as you think, or perhaps you’re trying to do something that doesn’t suit you. Blank sections? Time to think about what you want from your system and go back to the drawing board.

Maybe your system is fine, you’re just in a bit of a planner funk… you’re just a bit bored with it. That’s the fun bit – time for a quick design refresh with a few decorative touches, clean pages and maybe some new ones to try out.

There’s something about a clean and crisp new page that makes me want to write all over it!

7 Ways to give your planner an autumn refresh:

  • Is your current cover working for you? Swap your planner cover for a different one… try a new size? A new colour?
  • If you love your cover, but still want a new look, you could add or change a dashboard in the front of your planner for an instant pop of colour.
  • Go through and archive all of your old pages – note down any temporary scribbles and put them somewhere you can find them later. Chuck any old pages you don’t need and add some new plain pages – perfect for creating your new planner system.
  • Tweak your sections if they’re not working for you – your life changes constantly, why shouldn’t your planner reflect that?
  • Change up your inserts – opt for a new style or a new layout.
  • Are you a fan of stickers and washi? I love the idea of them, but I never seem to use what I have… which annoyingly, does not stop me shopping for more. However, I love going through my stash and sorting out all the bits that will go with my current setup. If I carry them in my planner, they actually get used… which surely is a good reason to get more?!
  • Do you have pockets in your planners? Adding a few journal cards poking out of the top is a great way to add a little autumn colour.
What is it about washi tape that makes me want to buy MORE?

I got a little too carried away with all this, of course… so keep an eye out on my full, brand new autumn setup in the next post!

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