Hello Again, Slimming World! What’s New?

It’s time. Time to get back on track and stop faffing. I lost 7 and a half stone 18 months ago when I went to Slimming World, and I loved it. My group leader always used to say that “life gets in the way” and we’re always going to have blips on our journey… and well, it did.

I bit the bullet and went back to a Slimming World group; a new one, to make a fresh start. I was feeling a little apprehensive, and to be completely honest, not entirely motivated as I walked through the door. I faced the scales, got my new member pack, had a cup of coffee and settled in.

If you’re wondering whether going to an actual group makes a difference, let me be really clear: it does. My new group leader was amazing. She mentioned that she’d been leading groups for 15 years, and you could tell. Her enthusiasm and positivity was brilliant, and I came out fired up and ready to go.

There’s something really nice about being in a room of like-minded people who are bonding over their love of chocolate, sharing tips and getting inspired by hearing how people have had amazing losses in a week. One member lost 9 and a half pounds in her first week, and if that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is.

So apart from the new group, it seems like some things have changed since I was last a member. I’m not going to list all of the changes, but here are some of the important ones I noted…

  • There’s a new member pack, and as expected, it’s very informative and easy to understand. Slimming World are celebrating their 50th anniversary, so it’s all gold embossed and fancy.
  • You can have two Healthy Extra A choices every day now… which means MILK AND CHEESE. Good grief. I may have shed a little tear of joy. Well, almost.
  • Flavoured-fat free yoghurts are no longer considered free food. I’ll be tweaking my go-to overnight oats recipe, but as plain fat free yoghurt is free, I’ll be using that with a dash of vanilla and some stevia instead.
  • Blueberries are now considered speed food. I’m probably happier about this than I should be.
  • Syns on a SP day (half speed, half protein, no free food) have been reduced to 10.
  • Some products have been reassessed; e.g. baked beans are still free, but are not listed as a protein food, and some light soft cheeses have syn values.

So now all that remains is to have an amazing first week and enjoy tweaking and creating recipes. I’ll be making a food diary to show you what I eat in my first week, and adding the results at the end of it. Here goes….

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