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When I really want to focus on staying on plan, the first thing I do is track everything I eat and plan all of my meals; I don’t think it’s easy to spot where you go wrong, or remember what you did right if you don’t. I’ve always said that the secret to doing well is getting into a nice comfortable rut and just being patient. However, this is where it’s easy to start letting your good habits slip; once in a while treats or meals out may be more frequent than you think. I’ve seen many people give up or suggest that the plan doesn’t work, but it’s because they’re not following it to the letter. Put simply: tracking helps.

Slimming World give their members a starter pack of weekly meal plans, and there are tools for when members are struggling and want to get back to basics. Because I’m just one of those people, I’ve always enjoyed designing my own, then I’ve got the option of using it as a PDF in my digital planner so I can track my food on-the-go.

How to use the Slimming World daily food diary

Firstly, let me be really clear; this does not replace going to a group or signing up to the plan in the first place. If you’ve previously been a member but have since stopped, this will not help you find your healthy-mojo. Going to a group, and more importantly, staying after weigh-in is the absolute best route to achieving your weight-loss goals. Similarly, if you’ve never followed the plan, this diary will not tell you what to eat – I’m not a consultant, just someone who loves the plan. However, I’d wholeheartedly recommend joining and giving it a go.

Staying focused and on-track between meetings is key; reminding yourself of where you currently are on your journey and taking a moment to be mindful of your eating is key. Complete the top tow on the planner to help you do this.

I always find it helpful to consider what your healthy extras are going to be for the day; it’s so annoying to be preparing a delicious burger dinner and to realise you’ve already had oats for breakfast. Use the second row on the tracker to help you identify what you’re going to use up and where. Similarly, your syns can add up if you’re not watching them… a drizzle of honey, an innocent-looking pat of actual butter with your potato, a fancy whole-milk coffee at a cafe – they all add up. Make sure you write them down.

Depending on how you roll, you can then sit and plan the food you’re intending to eat for the day, us just log it as it happens… even those morsels you’d rather not admit to! This is just for you, to help you either repeat a great day, or just to help you look back and find out some useful eating patterns; i.e. what foods may not help you or make you full, what possibly triggers overeating, or just what you ate in a week when you had a surprising loss.

It’s so important to look back at your day and consider what you’re taking away from it all:

  • Did you feel great?
  • Did you splurge and feel sluggish?
  • Did you have a couple of glasses of wine and end up accidentally demolishing something?
  • Did you feel super-smug?
  • Did you discover a great new recipe?
  • Did you make something different that needs a tweak?
  • Write it all down.

So here’s my daily Slimming World food diary; updated to reflect the 2019 changes. Have a go and see if it helps! Downloads are linked below the screenshot.

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