Free Printable: June Bullet Journal Planner Pack

My goodness. How is it June already? Is it just me that has dates, appointments and tasks coming out of my ears?! As much as I’d dearly love to spend some quality time with my stationery, I think this month’s going to have to be a print-and-go kinda month… with added washi tape, obviously.

Just in case you’re feeling as hurried as me, I’m sharing my June planner pack as a free printable. This PDF is designed to be printed double-sided, on A5. Unfortunately my printer’s just not that fancy, so I’ll be setting it to print the odd numbered pages first, then chucking it all back in to do the even numbered pages. Make sure if you’re using A5 paper, you set this to 100% scaling. Feel free to scale this up to A4 if you want to use it in a different way; your PDF viewer should be able to do this for you.

Geek side-note: If you’re the digital planner type, you may like to import the PDF into your planning app to annotate; I use GoodNotes for this. Alternatively, feel free to screenshot any part of this and dump in any existing hyperlinked planner.

The first page in this pack is left mainly blank for you to personalise; I love sticking pictures in on the first page, or if I’m feeling extra creative, I may create a page of doodles instead. The whole pack is on dotted paper, so it should be easier to draw in any of your own items here. Following that, there’s a monthly layout spread that provides the obvious, with a little room to decorate, plus a space for habit tracking, monthly priorities, essential tasks and dates for July.

I’ve designed the weekly layout spreads to have room for teach day, to use in whichever format you prefer. There’s also room for reminders for the following week, your tasks for the week, a brain dump, a gratitude log, and your weekly goals.

Most importantly, on each spread, I’ve added a little quote about happiness; in a busy month when I’m cutting down on the sugar and alcohol, I’m going to need a reminder about where happiness truly comes from! Now excuse me while I grab a coffee and fill this all in…

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