Free A5 printable: Slimming World Daily Planner

Taking a minute to do some #SlimmingWorld meal planning

You may have read my previous post where I was preaching about the importance of meal planning if you’re trying to lose weight. I think being organised is key; life’s going to throw obstacles in your way, you might as well have a nicely stocked fridge to help you deal with it.

If like me, you’re following the Slimming World plan, you’ll understand the need to keep track of your healthy extras and syns throughout the day. There’s something calming about taking a few minutes out to write out your dietary good intentions at the start of the day. With some good coffee, of course.

You may also have read about my obsession with bullet journaling and my love of my A5 Carpe Diem planner. (Spoiler alert… I *may* have just bought another) These two things go hand in hand; it’s really useful to keep a track of your weight each week and to be able to look back and see what you had to eat when you have losses and gains.

#CarpeDiem A5 planner

For those of you who are as obsessed as me with Slimming World and planning, I’ve produced a free A5 Slimming World daily planning sheet. I’ll be doing some more tweaks to turn it into a free weekly journal printable, so watch this space!

Free A5 planner printable

Download the Slimming World Daily Planner here.

Please comment if you’ve got any suggestions about how this could be turned into a general diet resource; I appreciate you’re not all Slimming World fanatics like me! Any more suggestions about resources you may find useful are also welcome; feel free to get in touch!

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