DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Earring Organiser

I have a shameful number of earrings. I wanted to use them (or a rotating selection of them) as a display rather than keep them in a box. I looked for earring organisers online, and none seemed to fit well with my dressing room decor. Never one to be beaten with either crafting or organising, I headed to my local DIY and hardware store and came away with lots of fun stuff.

This was SUCH an easy project. All I needed was a large and fairly deep photo frame, a small sheet of decorative MDF, some thin balsa wood strips and a paint tester pot. Pleasingly cheap; just like my earrings. If you’re planning on following along with this, you’ll also need a saw, a large paintbrush and a hot-melt glue gun and craft knife if you’re feeling fancy.

The first step is to take the back off your frame, put the glass somewhere safe, and use the back to measure and cut the MDF panel to size. This is going to be the bit we’re poking the earrings through. I used a regular saw for this; nothing special, just the first one I found in my garage. I also used it to trim the balsa wood down to size too; two short pieces for the top and bottom, and two longer pieces for the sides. These are important as it means there’s a gap to poke your earring wires into. Here’s what it looked like from the back.

Here’s a close up of the corner; make sure you allow for joins. If you used balsa wood, any long bits can always be cut off with a craft knife.

The next step is to crack open your tester pot and paint the inside of the back panel. You don’t have to be neat with this; all those holes from the stand and clips won’t show up, and neither will any paint streaks. Bonus!

To assemble your earring organiser, put the glass on top of the backing, then wedge it up against the balsa strips and MDF. You don’t particularly need the glass if you don’t want it, I just thought it gave it a nice shiny finish when it hit the light. Depending on how tight a fit you got with the MDF panel, it may just stay wedged in there. If not, grab a glue gun and take the MDF panel out and line the edge of your frame with glue to secure it.

Now the best bit; pick your favourite earrings and start decorating it. Place it somewhere where you can admire your efforts and, most importantly, leave some space on it. That way you can justify another trip to Primark…

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