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Are you planning in lockdown?

How do you plan when you have no plans? What’s the point spending that quality time with your planner if lockdown’s cancelled everything for you? Now could actually be the perfect time to do it. Let me convince you… You are more than a task list. I find that when things get crazy, I mainly use my planner for keeping track of tasks and as a space to frantically scribble …

Mind Planning

Do You Need to Add a Brain Dump to Your Planning Routine?

Do you ever feel like your mind is your own personal planner… only the pages keep falling out, there are no titles and every now and again, someone could just set fire to it?! We’re all trying to do and be more than ever and it seems like we’re just racing towards burnout. As much as you may feel like it’s an inevitable part of living the life you want …


Personal Filofax Malden Planner Setup: Spring

Anyone in the mood for a planner switch up? Grab your supplies and let’s have a little Plan With Me session! I’ll go through how I set my planner up, step by step, and hopefully you’ll get a few ideas about how to make your planner work better for you too… Here in the UK, we’ve got a little sun at last and the leaves and flowers are starting to …