Can You Lose Weight While on Holiday… and Should You?

I’m a firm believer that will-power is a developed trait; I’ve not always had it, in fact I’ve often used my astonishing lack of it as a reason why no diet would work for me.

However, I’ve found losing weight to be remarkably easy this time; one reason obviously being my fantastic Slimming World consultant and weekly group, but the other being my new-found willpower. I’ve found it easy to be strict and only splurged on one-stone milestones, or at least, I did at the start of my journey. Now the focus is on developing a more relaxed approach to maintaining weight; what’s the point in losing weight if you’re doomed to a life of watching the pounds?

So how do you juggle weight-loss and holidays? Which approach do you take?

The stay-on-track getaway: 

If you’re near the start of your journey, this may be the route you choose if you want to protect your weight-loss. It’s likely that at this stage, you’ll put on a little weight if you succumb those holiday excesses, but for some people, this can lead to a demotivating slump when you get back. It’s hard to pick yourself up if one break has erased most of your progress. Since Slimming World encourages plenty of fresh, healthy food, it’s easy to stay on-plan while you’re away. Make the most of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables and save those syns for local delicacies and the occasional cocktail. Come back home and feel smug that you can just pick up where you left off.  

The ‘a little won’t hurt’ holiday: 

Are you the sort of person who can have a little treat and not get carried away? If so, why not just relax a little and enjoy a break. You have the best of both worlds and going over your syns a little won’t do much damage. You may want to pick a day near the start of your holiday to have a holiday-splurge so you’ve got time to pull it back before you get home.

The splurge-all-day break: 

Sometimes you just need to get the urge to eat and drink out of your system; you’re human and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have a good time on holiday. The secret is knowing that you will put on weight, drawing a line under it when you get home and getting back on track immediately. If you’re going to get demotivated by putting on the pounds, this is not for you.


With holidays, planning is key. Make a conscious decision about how you’re going to deal with it and stick to it. Don’t feel bad about anything. I decided to take the splurge-all-day route and put on 5.5lb in 4 days! I’ll use this as my motivation to have a great week next week. Keep an eye out for a food diary post coming up!




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