Apple and Cinnamon (Non) Overnight Oats

After many sad and failed attempts at overnight oats, the penny finally dropped. Since then, I’m an overnight oats addict. I make a batch of them to last me through the week; they’re the perfect desk-breakfast. However… when I’m not prepared, I use my lazy non-overnight version. Want to make some too? Perfect for those mornings when you’ve not quite got your a*se in gear but still want something fancy.

Start off with 40g of oats (or in my case, something that looks roughly the same). I love a bit of crunchy and chewy texture in my breakfast, so I tend to go for the jumbo oats, rather than any chopped or milled variety. If you’re following Slimming World, this is your HEB option.

I then add a sprinkle of stevia and cinnamon; basically anything I want to flavour it. If I wanted to add a bit of vanilla or something similar, I’d do it here.

I then add a decent splash of milk, enough to make it a milky-oaty mess. I normally use unsweetened soya milk, but any milk will do.

Disclaimer: I don’t like measuring ingredients. I like to do stuff quickly and just tend to eyeball it or adjust to taste. Sorry if this makes you twitch, but I don’t think you can go all that wrong here.

I then add two big spoons of fat-free vanilla yoghurt, then give it a good stir. Feel free to substitute this for a plant-based, fat-loaded or plain variety… I just have a sweet tooth and like to feel like I’m indulging when I’m not.

Now it should look like porridge gone wrong. Ideally of a similar consistency to how you’d have it. You could add more milk at this stage if you need it, but I rarely bother tweaking it.

Now for the fun… grate a whole apple onto it, including the peel – I find it adds a little bit of extra texture, plus the colour makes it pretty. I like this best with a really sweet apple like a Pink Lady, straight from the fridge so it’s nice and refreshing.

I’m ALL about the toppings. Personally, I like to cram on as many as I can. The more toppings, the more fancy. Who doesn’t need that in their mornings? On this one, I’ve added apple granola, raisins, dried dates, chia seeds and some flax seeds. Basically anything I’ve got on my shelf that will blend nicely.

Serve with a hot cup of coffee, find a nice quiet spot, get comfortable and enjoy. Top it off with a chapter of a good book. Take a moment to appreciate your lazy, healthy breakfast. Slippers optional, but highly recommended.

Final note: Don’t take ages agonising over getting the perfect Instagram photo like I did; it’ll make your grated apple go brown.

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