8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Gaining Weight

My weight loss journey has been pretty uneventful; I’ve lost about 2lb per week on average, and I’ve had a couple of weeks where I’ve maintained my weight, and a couple of blips that have been totally predictable. I’ve enjoyed plotting my weight on the Slimming World app each week and basked in the pat on the backs it’s given me each week as I’ve entered my losses.

This week I’ve gained 5.5lb. Predictable? Not really. Deserved? Thoroughly.

This has been the biggest weight gain I’ve had since starting Slimming World just over a year ago. Am I devastated? No! I’m only human, and as I mentioned in my weight loss on holiday post, I chose to take a well-deserved break and eat and drink whatever I wanted while I enjoyed a mini-break with my family. There have got to be some perks of losing 7 stone 5.5lb 7 stone, hasn’t there?

So how do you deal with gaining weight? It’s inevitable at some point, and another key to success is developing a positive attitude to safeguard your progress and get you back on track.

No weight loss journey comes without blips.

Don’t sweat those one-off blips unless they become a habit. Sometimes small gains come from nowhere and aren’t a sign that you’ll never get where you need to be. As long as your weight gradually goes down over time, you’re doing brilliantly. Keep an eye on the big picture and don’t get thrown off by a bad week. I find it really helpful to use the Slimming World app to track my weight loss each week to help me see where I’m heading. You can also keep a diet journal, or just plot out your own pattern to reassure yourself that you’re doing okay.

Life gets in the way, and you should let it.

Stressful week? Juggling too much? Ill? Why make yourself feel worse by feeling guilty about putting on weight when you’re just responding to what life throws at you? Move on. Of course, if you find yourself saying this each week, that’s a sign that you need to deal with your issues in a different way; time to start analysing your priorities and coping mechanisms. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you face up to the impact of those little daily decisions.

Why compound a problem?

Feeling miserable because you’ve gained weight? That’s fine – feel it, understand it, move on. Don’t make it worse by sabotaging your weight loss by having a splurge. Small weight gains come off quicker than you think, but the longer you leave it the harder it becomes. You’ll feel great waking up ready to start a new day with a renewed enthusiasm to eat well.

Don’t start regretting your decisions, just compensate for them.

Did you choose to go off-plan? That’s fine! Don’t feel guilty and start planning how to compensate for it. If you’re following the Slimming World plan, maybe you could reduce your syns slightly? Maybe you can increase the amount of speed food you have in a day? Maybe you could measure out those healthy extras? Maybe it’s time to try an SP day or two?

Do you know why you put on weight?

Weight gains can happen for many reasons; the self-inflicted ones are easy to deal with, but what if it seems to come from nowhere? Sometimes weight loss doesn’t naturally happen each week, sometimes it’s due to hormones, a change in activity-levels, illness, exercise or even the weather! Just accept it and move on – if you can learn from it, do. Otherwise, just move on.

Success is great, but eventually you’ll need to handle gaining weight.

It’s easy to get hooked on the feeling of losing weight; it’s wonderful to start feeling better and getting compliments from people who can see how you’re changing. It’s easy to obsess about losing those extra pounds, but at some point that’s going to have to stop. There will be a point where you’ll be at your target weight and you’re going to have to hover around that spot quite happily, riding all of those ups and downs that you live through. See those gains as valuable experience to make sure that you can maintain your success.

Gaining weight helps you to identify how your body responds.

My metabolism is very different now; I used to think my natural state was to gain weight, whereas now I find it hard to put on weight. That 5.5lb took some serious effort. However, it’s really useful to feel like you’ve put on weight and to learn what your new body can do – you can start learning those new signs you’re eating more than you should without relying on the scales.

What better motivation is there?

This is the key to bouncing back from those gains. You put on weight – so what? Move on and have an even better week. Next week is a new week and it’ll be amazing if you want it to be.

I’m going to have a brilliant week. I’m using this gain as an incentive to try out more recipes, get the snacking out of my system, and head towards that 7 stone 7lb milestone.

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